Leaky Hose Bib in Hamilton

Do you have a leaky hose bib in Hamilton? When left unchecked, leaking hose bibs can waste a large quantity of water and result in drastically higher water bills. Furthermore, leaking at exterior fixtures poses the additional risk of diverting water towards a foundation. Eventually, this can lead to moisture incursion into the basement or crawlspace as well as foundation failure. During the winter, these leaks can also freeze at the fixture, causing extra damage.  Sometimes, even a burst hose bib or distribution pipe. If you need a professional Plumber in Hamilton, reach out to 24/7 Emergency Plumber. We will help you right away.

Steps how to fix a leaky hose bib

The majority of hose bibbs have an internal shutoff, which is commonly found in the garage, crawlspace, or beneath a bathroom sink. Remove the hose bib handle from the valve stem with a screwdriver. Unscrew the packing nut (or bonnet nut) with pliers or an adjustable wrench, allowing you to remove the valve stem. Remove the valve stem from the faucet body with care, including the handle, screw, and packing nut. Replace the packing string when the hose bibb is already disassembled to check that the source of the leak is no longer an issue. Unwrap the old packing string and replace it with a new packing string or packing washer. Finally, thread the stem valve back into the faucet body, thread the packing nut onto the top of the faucet, and reattach the handle to the hose bib.

Professional Help

A leaking hose bib can waste over 350 gallons of water each month, depending on the magnitude and speed of the leak. When combined with the possible structural and moisture penetration issues, leaking hose bibs can be a costly problem to neglect. Fortunately, depending on the cause of the problem, fixing leakage is often a simple repair. You can discover hose bib leaks at the hose bib handle or from the interior of the hose bib. Normally, most hose bib leaks are a result of either the packing string or the compression washer inside the bib. Therefore, replacing both of these components is usually the best way to ensure fixing a leaky hose bib in Hamilton. Additionally, if you need the assistance of a Plumber in Hamilton, contact 24/7 Emergency Plumber. Give us a call now 18888055684


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