Frozen Pipe Repair in Surrey

Frozen Pipe Repair in Surrey

Do you need frozen pipe repair in Surrey? So, how do you deal with frozen pipes? You will know it’s a problem with the main line from the well or municipal water supply if it affects all the fixtures. You know there’s a problem with the main line from the well or municipal water supply. If you know where your water meter is, you can start warming the main line there. Additionally, try to warm the area around the main line by opening and closing doors, raising the thermostat, and maybe using space heaters. The risk of fire is too great to use a torch to thaw the pipes. Lastly, if you don’t manage to achieve a frozen pipe repair in Surrey, we suggest you contact 24/7 Emergency Plumber.


Sometimes frozen pipes are in a more specific location. Such as a single fixture or a bathroom. Seek out the water lines that service the damaged portion of the house in the basement or crawlspace. Follow the pipes backward from the problematic fixture, feeling for cold spots along the way. Pipes that run through garages, crawlspaces, and outside walls are particularly vulnerable to freezing, so inspect any exposed pipes in those areas. Begin by warming the coldest portion of piping that you can reach using the procedures mentioned above. You don’t always have to determine the exact location of the frozen pipe. That because any heat sent along the line will gradually migrate toward the frozen part on its own. If you can’t thaw the pipe on your own, call a Plumber in Surrey to thaw it before it bursts.

Precautions & Professional Help

Seal any air leaks that allow chilly outside air to come into contact with your home’s piping to prevent further pipe freezing. Check for any holes in the exterior of the house as well. These holes are frequently left open, and the accompanying air leaks allow cold air to touch the pipes while displacing warm interior air that keeps the pipes warm. You can insulate pipes that pass through unconditioned spaces, but it is preferable to relocate them to a warmer location if possible. If you need help with a frozen pipe repair in Surrey, contact 24/7 Emergency Plumber. A professional Plumber in Surrey will assist you right away. If you need us, give us a call 18888019003


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